Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Birthday Party

We had my 4 yr olds birthday party this past weekend. I was so happy to host and decorate.
I love a good party!
The dessert table. On the table, was butterfly cupcakes (from Hello, Cupcake!), butterfly shaped cinnamon sugar cookies, various pink candies, and the party favors.

I made the "S" with cardboard, moss, and hot glue. I will post a tutorial later this week.
I also stamped the napkins with the pink butterfly theme.

I made a white tablecloth for the dessert table. Even though, it's more like a slip cover since it fitted and goes to the floor. I bought a pink plastic tablecloth to protect the white slip cover I worked hard to sew. Haha. A tablecloth to protect a tablecloth? I know I'm crazy.

I scalloped the pink tablecloth edges to make it look fancier. I had extra of the pink tablecloth since I trimmed it for the dessert table. I was able to make another scalloped tablecloth for the main food table. So I made 2 tablecloths for 99 cents. What a steal!
I had two different party favors. One for the 4 yr olds and one for their baby siblings. Inside the boxes were bouncy balls, small markers, pad of paper, stickers, temporary tattos, and candy.
The baby's had a small plush toy I made...pictures of that later.
I made the fabric butterfly tops. I will be selling those in my shop later this week.

The kids also received a tulle wand. I found the tutorial here. I thought it made a great favor that was also used for decoration - again, more bang for your buck.

I even made pink strawberry jam for the parents to take home. It's just a good excuse to make lots of stuff and give it away. Again, I will post more about the jam later this week. So much to post this week!

If you have any question, just put them in the comments. I will try to respond to them on the next post. Also, I did make the pink polka dot felt teapot that is on the dessert table too. It's for my best friend's birthday tea party coming up next week. I don't think I'll be selling them in the shop but I can do custom orders.


  1. I love every one of the birthday party ideas. It is so much fun to watch for your new creations.

  2. looks awesome! great job Becky!! :) Can't wait for the tuts! :)