Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fabric Envelopes

Yet again - another way to make a Valentine for your loved one.
A little how-to for the basic design: Basically it's decontructed paper envelope and reconstructing the same envelope only in fabric.
I dissected envelopes that I received in the mail to use as my pattern. I ironed some Wonder Under (see link at the end of post) between 2 pieces of fabric large enough to make the envelope sized desired.
I traced my pattern on the fabric and cut it out. I sewed the edges (for decoration purposes only). Then I ironed the creases on the fabric - just like the real envelope.
Finally, I glued the edges together to make the pocket. You can add some velcro to keep the flaps closed (see last picture for placement).
To my envelopes, I sewed on some paper labels to the front (do this before gluing). Then you can stamp on the labels, use stickers, or glue anything else.
Fill with goodies.
Wonder Under: This is the link to a bolt of Wonder Under. You can go to your local fabric shop and have some cut. Or you can find precut lengths wrapped in bags in the sewing notions area of the shop.

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