Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

The two costumes I made this year:

Peacock                                             Kitty

The kitty costume just required a skirt. I made it with gathered fabric as the stripes. It has grey stripes and black glittery tulle as the other stripes. (Hard to see in the picture.) And a safety pinned furry tail to the back and called it a costume!

The peacock was inspired by this. I made a couple changes (as always).
1. I sewed the tulle into a skirt instead of knoting it around elastic.
2. I added a longer "tail" made out of the tulle.
3. I added wire to the back of the feathers to make them curve out.

Both girls wore plain long sleeve shirts and leggings to keep them warm. The costumes have been my easiest so far! If you want to see past ones - check these links out. : )

Baby Mermaid 2006 - My Favorite
Cupcake 2009 - A Close Second

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