Thursday, July 22, 2010

A-Line Denim Tie Skirt General Tutorial

Just a little skirt for my daughter. I used some denim fabric and a thrift store skirt for the top band and tie. I say this is a general tutorial because there is no exact measurements. I used an old skirt and went from there. There is really no one right way to do this.
I basically made an A-line skirt, took a big fabric band, gathered & sewed it onto the skirt with some elastic snuck into the band. I took some extra strips of fabric to make the ties and sewed them to the sides of the striped fabric band.

For the base of the skirt, I took one of her current skirts for the waist line measurement. Then I shaped an a-line going down. I put the right sides together and serged (or sew) the edges.

I took 2 strips of fabric and sewed the right sides together to make the band.
Here is a picture showing how long my band compared to the waist of the skirt.

To attach it to the skirt, I pinned the right sides of the skirt and the band together - gathering the striped fabric band as I went. Then I sewed one side of the band with the edge of the skirt together.

Now take your elastic that is cut to the waist measurement of the little girl. Sew the 2 ends together to make a circle. To put in the elastic, I took the (now sewn) band and folded inward to the wrong side of the skirt. Then I just tucked the elastic circle around the inside of the band. After that, I just sewed the folded edge of the band to the skirt.

See the elastic tucked in there. You are looking at the inside of the skirt.
To add the ties. I just took 2 long strips (about 3" x 14") of the striped fabric and sewed the right sides together. I turned the long strips right side out and did a straight stitch on the outside of the side of the skirt.

I knotted the strips in the front of the skirt.

Viola! All the instructions are clear as mud, huh? If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I will answer them there. Thanks.

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