Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moss "S" Tutorial

Make your very own initial for a party, wedding, living room decoration - whatever you desire. I even think a little mini moss letters to make "love" in a frame would be cute.
1. Get out a cardboard box. A thick cardboard box. Moving box, Amazon box, etc would be good. Now, you can either free hand the letter or print from the computer a large letter and trace it on the cardboard. I used a box cutter to cut out the "S" - please be careful! The cutting doesn't have to be perfect because it's going to be covered anyway.
2. Get out the hot glue and your moss (found at any craft store). Put a generous amount of hot glue in a small area of the cardboard letter. Quickly place a generous amount of moss on top. Trying not to burn your fingers, press the moss down so it adheres to the glue.
3. Keep gluing and adding moss until the top of the letter is done.

4. After you are done, you can give it a hair cut. Trim off all the excess moss fly-aways so it is more "shaped."

5. I hung my letter on a mirror so that means you would be able to see the back of the cardboard so I had to repeat this whole process for the back of "S." I also filled in the sides where the cardboard was still showing a little bit.
The whole project comes down to glue, add moss, and trim. As long as you don't cut or burn your fingers, it goes pretty quick. The moss is quite messy though.
6. Finally, you can hot glue any accessories on it that you desire. I used butterflies and tied the top with a pink ribbon.

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