Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Outfit for a Very Special 5 Year Old

My friend asked me to make her daughter a special birthday outfit. How could I pass that up?!
For this outfit, I sewed her initial onto a t-shirt I bought at Target. The tutu is made from rolls of tulle (found at Hobby Lobby - best selection of colors and quality) tied around an elastic "belt". The leggings are from Old Navy.
How cute is this little birthday girl?! : )


  1. LOVE it, my niece is turning 4 nex month & I had plans to make her a tutu already like these I made for my 2 daughters

    but this shirt is now on the agenda too :) thanks for sharing your great ideas!!!!

  2. Thanks for making such a cute outfit..made my girl feel super special on her big day!
    Love you, me