Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Felt Popcorn Tutorial

Are you ready to make your very own felt food?! The popcorn is really simple to make although it is a little time consuming if you want to make a whole bowl full.

Materials: white felt, white embroidery thread (2 strands), scissors and a needle.

Cut the felt into 3 and/or 4 petal flowers (approx 2" diameter). When you sew the flowers to make the popcorn, you can use just one flower or layer 2 flowers together (to make a fuller popcorn). The picture belows shows what the popcorn looks like with the different single & layered flowers.

Here is the popcorn with a ruler so you can get a size estimate.

But honestly, there isn't a huge difference between the finished popcorn pieces. So if you are using a limited amount of felt, I would just recommend the single, four petal flower.

For the next part, I'm using a layered flower pieces and pink embroidery thread (just so you can see where I'm sewing).

Make a knot to start and start basting around the flower. Basting is making really long, loose stitches. See pictures below:

Once you've sewn around the whole flower, take the thread and pull it so the stitches tighten together and the felt gathers up to look like popcorn.

Now it's time to knot the thread so the popcorn stays together. I'm going to do my best to describe how I make my knots but I'm not good with words. So hopefully this will make sense and the pictures will give you the idea too. I know the directions are probably way more complicated than the actual knot is to make.

Thread the needle through a little bit of felt. Before you fully make a stich, slip the needle through that loop you just made.

See the loop, it's kinda tiny in this picture. You might have to click on the picture to enlarge it. My needle is being thread through the loop.

Here's a picture with the same concept just a much bigger loop for you to see.

After you loop the needle through the loop, just pull and it will tighten up real close to the felt. Do this process twice and your knot is complete.

Trim your thread off your popcorn and you are done!

Now only lots more to go! : )

You can always leave your questions in the comment section of this post or contact me.

On a legal disclaimer - this popcorn is a choking hazard! Please don't give this to your small kids as it's the size of real popcorn. Thanks. : )


  1. THANK YOU!!! I've been sewing various bits of felt food for my daughter, and she recently asked for popcorn. This tutorial was exactly what I needed, because I didn't have any idea where to begin! <3

  2. YES I found what I have be looking for, POPCORN , felt that is.
    Thank you so much for making it so easy .

  3. Love this!! Making felt food for my little girl this christmas. Glad I found you.