Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My daughter, like most girls, loves the Disney Princesses. I decided for Christmas presents I would sew her some new costume dresses. It took everything inside me not to give them to her once I finished them! I am happy to report they made it to Christmas morning as a surprise!

I have the 3 different dresses to show you this week.

Can you guess the first princess? : )

Of course, Cinderella needs a pair of glitter shoes (from Walmart, no less - $12). : )

The glittery tulle, the puffy sleeves, the shoes...Success!
Pattern: M5494


  1. AHHHH!!! How awesome! A certain little girl in this house would be oh-so-excited about this...perhaps a project to do with my MIL during those cold winter months in MT later this year!

    So fun, can't wait to see the rest!