Friday, January 20, 2012

Felt Heart Door Decoration Tutorial

Here's a project you can make this weekend!

I've seen some of these type door decorations on Pinterest. I used them for inspiration but didn't use a specific tutorial. I usually just "wing it". : ) But for you non-wingers, here is a tutorial on how I made mine.

This craft is very inexpensive. I used a cardboard box, paint (which is optional), felt, hot glue, and ribbon. I used my nice wool blend felt but they sell felt sheets for 25 cents at your local craft store.

I painted my cardboard red so if I had some gaps in between the felt it wouldn't be so obvious.

 I should also add that I glued a ribbon loop to the back so I could hang it on the door. One more note, my heart is about 13 inches tall.

Have fun!

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  1. Made this today and I love it (except for my sloppy hot glue fingers :). Thank you for the idea and step by step instructions.