Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekly Project #12: Sleepover Pals

We are back to The Book. I did give you a few weeks break?! Haha. I had a request to make these little dolls. Just like everything else in the book, they are too cute to pass up.
They are known as the Sleepover Pals. It's three little girls with a sleeping bag that has individual pockets for them.

The request included making little clothes for them too. I made a dress with a tulle ruffle down the front, a tutu with a velcro backing and a skirt that has a ribbon tie in the back.
This one is me - red hair, green eyes, and pale (um...I mean fair) skin. : )

I think I might have to make another set for my daughter. I've had a hard time keeping her away from these little ones. Christmas is coming up...


  1. Oh they are just adorable! I love seeing toys from this book. I may have to make a set of these for my daughter too. TOO CUTE!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I love what you added to these. The details make the dolls perfect.
    My daughter's b-day is in 4 days. I am debating about making these, because she loves babies, or making her the apron in the book to carry her dolls with her. There are so many cute things in the book, decisions...