Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pom Pom Turkeys

I love these little guys.
They are more Martha Stewart...adapted from her pattern here.

I even hand dyed the wool yarn for these guys. I think I'm going off the deep end of crafting. : )

I actually just find it more economical to buy one natural skein of wool yarn and dye it to the colors I need vs buying a skein in every color for each of my crafts. See I have a method to my madness. : )


  1. Both your turkeys are super cute! I used to like to look at old issues of the Martha Stewart magazine for the crafts - now everything is on her website. She does have a way with making things!! and I don't think you're going overboard - only buying 1 skein makes perfect sense to me - what did you dye it with?

  2. ADORable! These could be place holders - put the name card in the tail.....

  3. Hi Lynn. I just used RIT dye. Nothing fancy, just what you can find at the craft store.