Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Crafts: Day 7

 Today's craft is a wood peppermint garland.

These are easy to make. Here's the process:

Depending on the garland length will determine how many wood discs you need.
You can always place them closer together on the string or further apart - it's your preference.

You could even paint them white and pink for a girl's candy party and string them around the top of the tablecloth. Ooh, now that would be cute!

Okay, back to the task at hand. : )
1. Paint the discs white.
2. Find the center and draw the peppermint lines (see close up picture below).
3. Paint in the red.

Now to string them, I used 2 discs and glued the string in between them (see pic below).
Again, you could always just use one disc and glue string to the back.
I wanted sandwich them so if they "twirled"on the string you would always see a front of a peppermint. Make sense? 

You could use them to decorate presents, string them in front of the fireplace or on green garland. Use them for a picture backdrop, decorate a table, or even use them on your Christmas tree. Lots of fun uses!


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  2. Cute! I am going to make this for my apartment!